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S. Cataldo
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Questo libro e' disponibile anche in italiano con il titolo

Eroi e vittime dimenticati:
Supino 1944

When all seemed to have come back to normal the unthinkable happened... It was the beginning of June 1944... Nobody has ever talked about it since... Why did the Supinese women lay fresh flowers and keep the German tombs neat and clean?... Now that they are all dead all that we have left for posterity is a few lines in a priest's diary and this book...


The Book is available now and is CDA $ 25.00 inclusive of postage to Canada and USA.

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Or call (416) 275 8329



Fallen Heroes, Forgotten Victims book is available in Italian!


This English version of the History of Supino, from the original book in Italian Supino e S. Cataldo by Monsignor Fausto Schietroma, is dedicated to the Supinesi who make their home in the English speaking countries of the globe. Its publication is meant to fill a vacuum for those who, lacking fluency in Italian, are denied access to a full account of Supino, this small “paese” in the province of Frosinone known as “Ciociaria”.
Its main objective is to captivate the young generation of Supinesi abroad who are eager to learn about the origin and the birthplace of their ancestors. As it happened, most emigrants from Italy before and after the second World War, had limited education and conversed mainly in their dialect; they could hardly teach Italian to their children, much less explain to them the history of their place of origin, had they known it.

Indeed, even today, most of us of the older generation know little about the history of Supino. Each of the over eight thousands towns and cities in Italy, has its own particular and complex long history. Therefore, lack of full knowledge of the past of one’s birthplace should not be considered as an unforgivable sin.

In supporting this new literary initiative, the Supino Social & Cultural Club of Toronto wishes to express the appreciation and gratitude of every member of the organization to Ernesto Carbonelli, the director for cultural activities, for a job well done. Without his endless efforts, knowledge and determination this work would not have been possible.

It is now hoped that those to whom this publication is dedicated will appreciate its content and benefit from it. As Dante said, we are to consider our “seed” for we were made to “pursue virtue and knowledge”.

CDA $15.00 plus shipping

Image on canvas, ready for framing 36" X 40".
The image is 29" X 36".
Suitable for a large wide frame.

Immagine su tela, da incorniciare, 36" X 40".
L'immagine e' di 29" X 36".
Ottima per cornice larga.

$CDA 300.00 Plus Shipping and Handling.

11" x 14" prints of high quality for framing

$CDA 40.00 shipping included.

All proceeds go to
maintain the statue

Email " erncarb@rogers.com " for details on ordering!

Sorry this item is out of stock for now!!!
TShirt, short sleeve, white, size XL, L, M.
$CDA 25.00 plus shipping and handling.

Set of seven prints 11x14 ready for framing.
$CDA 40.00 plus shipping and handling.

Email " erncarb@rogers.com " for details on ordering!

All proceeds go to www.supino.ca


IL Gran Carnevale dei Soprannomi

This book recounts the time of a carnival festival where paesani dressed according to their nicknames.
Written in Italian with many quotes in dialect, the book is set in prewar Supino, and contains a list of over 1000 nicknames, with many sketches giving a hilarious version in life of times gone by.
It surely gets a lot of chuckles...and actually is very funny.
Ideal for older people that remember some dialect and the younger one that would like to know of all those nicknames their families still use, from time-to-time.
It is also impressive in your library or on your coffee table!
The hardbound book is available with the nickname of the family hand written inside, (this must be requested).
Some details of the pages are available on the "Photo Gallery/Curiosities".

$CDA 20.00 plus shipping and handling.

La Rava allu Frisco

A book of poetry written in dialect and commentated by Prof. Cesare Bianchi.
Prof. Bianchi was a professor of literature and taught to many Supinese, Latin and Greek.
The book is illustrated, for those that know some supinese vernacular, is printed in large characters for easy reading, and its overtones are comical to the point of loud laughter.
The author will sign and write a dedication, (please specify).

$CDA 25.00 plus shipping and handling.

Email " erncarb@rogers.com " for details on ordering!

All proceeds go to www.supino.ca